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Chi finishes up the year with some (more) sentimental regards.

Chi finishes up the year with some (more) sentimental regards.

If you think my blog post last week was kinda sentimental, prepare for this one.

So, it’s already the end of the year. It felt as if it was only yesterday that I landed in Minnesota and started a new chapter of my life in the U.S.A. It felt really good to know that I made it to a glorious end, with me understanding myself better, as well as the relationship and dynamics of the people around me. I have a lot to be grateful for, from the Carleton faculty and staff members, to my professors who taught me during my freshman year (especially Professor Barrios who certainly did not get tired of seeing my face in his class, in the front row for three terms straight), to my roommate who put up with my obnoxious and talkative self, to my friends who always hang out with me and make for extremely pleasant and intellectual conversations, to the upperclassmen who give such great advice.

I really am thankful for the opportunities and help that I have received ever since I got here, which has only grown in quantity and quality (for the lack of better words?), all of which had helped me improve as a person as well as a student.

I have always been afraid of moving around and ending something. It’s like leaving a part of me behind. And ending my freshman year is something that I dreaded the most. I guess in a way I feel like I’m leaving behind part of my younger years and the overwhelming sensation of starting something new, something more, is daunting at times. Yet I truly look forward to a new year at Carleton: I hope sophomore year will be good to me.

I feel like I still have a long way to go before I can completely figure myself out and what I want to do in life, but I am making a lot of progress, progress that I know I will never be able to make if I keep myself grounded at one spot and never move on. The transition from freshman year to sophomore year will help me move on from the past and head towards a more open future where, hopefully, I will discover more aspects of myself that I have never known of.

And this isn’t exactly a new feeling, either. This time last year I was feeling the exact same thing. The transition from High School to College was a struggle to me, as well. I did not know what I would do so far away from home. I thought a lot about having to figure everything out on my own without anyone guiding me, and it scared me a lot. But I learned to move on with life and I kept pressing forwards, and now here I am: a somewhat accomplished person with a semi-clear idea of who she wants to be.

But of course there was excitement too. I remember being too excited to go to new places, meet new people, learn new things, and I’m sure the Class of 2023 feels the same way as well. The transitioning might be tough at first, but remember that Carleton has all the resources that you need to help you adapt to the environment and the pace here, and I’m positive that you all will be magnificent in your own way. Just never forget that you are not alone, and you will always have help every corner you turn, because (cheesy warning) to me, Carls feel like a family and we really do stick up for each other.

The Carleton experience has been good to me, and I know that it will be good to you too

Until next time!


Chi is a self-proclaimed insomniac freshman zombie that always complain about not getting enough sleep, even though she deliberately goes to bed at 2am and wakes up spontaneously at 6am thanks to her roommate’s closet door. She constantly talks (obsessively) about how much she yearns to major in Chemistry and German, yet she’s starting to eye the awesome dark art that is called Geology with much desire. Meet the other bloggers!