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Yadari shows us some of the flowers she's been growing recently.

Yadari shows us some of the flowers she's been growing recently.

In my blog post from a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that for Earth Day my mom and I re-planted some flowers in our garden. Growing up, my mom always kept a bunch of plants in the house and some of my best childhood memories are watching my parents plant little seeds in our garden and slowly watching those little seeds turn into beautiful roses, peonies and, lilies. My mom takes care of her garden how she would a child — always making sure that it has sufficient nutrients, sunlight and most important of all, love.

All of this is to say, make sure that your (metaphorical) garden is always being watered. Now that there are less than three weeks left of Spring term, make sure that your mind, soul and wants are being taken care of.

Now, enjoy some pictures of some of our lilies that have begun to grow:

Spring Week 8_Yadari 1


Spring Week 8_Yadari 2


Spring Week 8_Yadari 3


Spring Week 8_Yadari 4


“How cold does it actually get in Minnesota?” is the phrase that first-year, Minnesota-born Yadari is already tired of explaining. Besides speaking about the weather, Yadari enjoys working out and doing anything of which shouldn’t be left for tomorrow, today. And of course, long walks on any of the 10,000 lakes here in Minnesota, if and only if they are not frozen solid or a safety hazard. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers.