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Finding Your People

What does "your people" even mean? Joey discusses his favorite things to do with friends.

What does "your people" even mean? Joey discusses his favorite things to do with friends.

I was pretty confident that Carleton’s fun-loving, down-to-Earth student body would provide a college environment that would be right for me. If I could talk to myself just before submitting my ED I application in the fall of 2017, I’d enthusiastically confirm that I was right.

You will find your people at Carleton.

A few weeks ago I touched on how lounges with games are lesser-known campus social spots. Since then, McKenna’s blog post about making friends at Carleton has led me to reflect upon many of the fun activities we enjoy sharing with each other.

Example of friends in the superlounge (slounge)
My friends and I quickly fell in love with the idea of “onesie parties” our first year. (photo taken prior to March 2020)

What does “your people” even mean?

Of course, who your people are will depend on you. When I was preparing my Carleton application, I wasn’t exactly sure who I would like to meet here. However, I knew that the same people who are interested in a liberal arts college defined by its humility would definitely be fun to meet.

I have met my people at Carleton. They’re all super different!

Full disclosure: most of my friends are physics majors, even though I’m majoring in American studies. Likewise, a ton of my friends are from the east and west coasts, and I’m from the Midwest. Even so, we still have a lot in common — our varied backgrounds actually contribute to how close we are.

Impression of studying with friends in the libe
Libe parties,” or group study sessions, instantly became popular among me and my friends. Studying is social! (photo taken prior to March 2020)

I was shocked by how quickly I bonded with my peers at Carleton. Like McKenna, I don’t remember where I met all of my friends. However, I do know that I was first introduced to many of them through New Student Week activities, like the frisbee toss.

It’d be tough to list all the activities my friends and I end up doing. Beyond those that take place during New Student Week, SAO (the Student Activities Office) sponsors a variety of fun social events. The short list includes laser tag in the Cowling Gymnasium, a spring concert “sproncert,” and Midwinter Ball. These events are incredibly fun; at the same time, I value all the fun social moments that take place in-between.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a television show through which a number of my Carleton friends and I have bonded.

If you aren’t already familiar, Avatar is a TV show that follows a compelling story of a group of 12-16 year-olds as they learn and grow together. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I grew up watching Avatar in my hometown of Papillion, Nebraska, when I was just 8 years old. It was just one of many parts of my life that had been special to me — the fact that I have been able to share it with friends 10 years after it had imprinted on me means the world.

I’m grateful for this group of friends because we all view Avatar differently. After watching a couple of episodes in the Goodhue Superlounge, we might take a pause, order pizza from one of the many pizza places in Northfield, and chat about the way the show treats its villains with empathy.

Nights in lounges like this are special. Sometimes, they coincide with other activities, like an orchestra concert or a standup comedy night in Little Nourse (one of our theaters on campus). Other times, we spend an hour or two chatting, watching a show like Avatar, and later play a few board games with some snacks.

Example of friends in the slounge!
A bunch of my friends relax before we start watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. (photo taken prior to March 2020)

Your people can be found here.

Board game + Avatar nights have been significant in defining some of my favorite moments with friends at Carleton. However, this is far from the only social option available on campus. I could not exhaust all the social opportunities available at Carleton if I had eight years to do so (and I often wish I did!).

Self-determination is big at Carleton. If there’s something you want to do or someone you want to meet, chances are that it can happen.

Joey balances his work for the American Studies major with his interests in Educational Studiesclub soccerultimate frisbee, and club cross-country skiing at Carleton. He learned to juggle while growing up in Papillion, Nebraska, and has taught Carleton and middle school students how to juggle through his involvement with the Carleton Juggling F.I.S.H. and a CCCE/TORCH after-school program that teaches juggling and magic at the Northfield Middle School. When not writing satire for the Carleton Salt or dancing with the social dance club, you’ll find Joey playing foosball in Sayles, burrowing into the Libe, or watching Avatar: the Last Airbender in a dorm lounge. Meet the other bloggers!