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Family Weekend Update, Movies, and Hot Chocolate

Zia updates on family weekend, movie night, and the hot chocolate machine.

Zia updates on family weekend, movie night, and the hot chocolate machine.

My mom had an amazing time visiting Carleton. The comment she made the most was, “This campus is beautiful!”

She also keep asking me if I knew that we had a Rec Center or if I knew that the Gould Library had four floors. (Yes, mom. I know.) I’m really glad that she got to experience Carleton for herself. I knew when I made my college decision that I made the best choice, but when my mom finally got here and saw Carleton for herself — she knew it too.

Her excitement made the trip even better. She loved exploring and within a day she had figured out how to navigate Northfield. She was very excited to know there was a Target in town and went into “mom-mode”; she bought me Dayquil and all the other flu medicine I will ever need and snacks galore for my dorm room. She also took me out to eat every day, which made me so happy because I hadn’t really explored restaurant options in Northfield before and missed choosing my menu.

It’s funny to realize the things you’ve missed. The one thing I realized I missed a lot was singing in the car. Of course, I didn’t get to do it alone. My mom had to witness my off-key singing, which I now feel guilty for because she didn’t deserve that kind of torture during her stay here. But besides that, I had so much fun just being in a car and singing out loud. I forgot how often I used to do it when I had my own car, and now I no longer have that luxury. It’s not like I don’t get to sing in my dorm room. Lucy and I have recently been singing One Direction songs together, which has diminished my desire to sing in cars.

Speaking of One Direction, my friends and I had a movie night and their documentary was the first thing we watched. We roped our friend Weiland into it, and he was not happy to be watching One Direction “This is Us,” so we stopped halfway through. We then watched the infamous “Tall Girl,” which we watched as a joke, and it turned out to be just as bad as we had expected. I will say, watching a bad movie with friends is truly a good time. It’s just a lot of making fun of characters, talking through the entire film, and eating snacks. What more could you want?

To end this blog post I want to share a discovery my friends and I have made in the East Dining Hall. (It’s probably already well known but it made me really happy.) There’s a hot chocolate machine near the coffee station. It doesn’t sound that exciting when I write it down, however, this discovery means that I no longer have to drink powdered hot chocolate mix; I can have actual hot chocolate. It’s even more exciting because Lucy and I bought mini marshmallows for our room and now we get to use them with actual hot chocolate.

This new discovery means that in the winter, hot chocolate is at my disposal. This new discovery also marks an end to an amazing week. (I’d also like to end by saying that I got a 100/100 on my A&I paper. Just saying.)

Zia is a first-year student from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Though, despite growing up among the 19 Pueblos, her tribe is the Canim Lake Band from British Columbia, Canada. She is interested in studying Biology and, hopefully, giving back to her people while bridging the gap between the medical field and Native communities. Aside from academics, she loves watching re-runs of The Office and Parks and Rec and keeping up with the latest music from Aminé, Brockhampton, Rex Orange County, Omar Apollo, GoldLink, and many more. Meet the other bloggers!


Mom and daughter do peace signs.

Me and my mom.

Three friends pose in mirror across from elevator.

Elevator pic.

Boy gets mad because he doesn't like One Direction.

Weiland doesn't like One Direction.

Girl dispenses hot chocolate into cup.

Discovery of the hot chocolate machine.

Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

Hot chocolate!

Coloring pages on table.

First-Year Fall activity.

Two friends play cards.

More card games.