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Faces of Carleton

An introduces us to two outlets who give their perspective on Carleton student life.

An introduces us to two outlets who give their perspective on Carleton student life.

Hello humans!
Hello squirrels!
Hello birds!

Like last week, there are prospies (prospective students) visiting Carleton and I’m seeing a lot of new faces. Speaking of faces, the new and current Carls are not the only things with faces on this campus. Yes, you heard me (or read this) right. I was walking around campus, excited about seeing new students, when I randomly stumbled across some peculiar looking faces on the wall. I took a stepped forward to see them more closely, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I would like to introduce you all to Outlet A (Alphie) and Outlet B (Bella).

Alphie is the one on top. Although Alphie has good eyesight, he always wears glasses to look smart. His hobbies include watching college students suffer during finals week and observing their disappointed faces as they receive their results back.

Bella is the one on the bottom. She always wears different hats on every day, and today, she has a sailor hat on for no apparent reason. She is more optimistic and caring than Alphie, so she enjoys watching college students gather around in the lounge and having fun during study break every Sunday night. Although she tries to be sympathetic, she can’t help letting out a laugh as she watches one freshman girl cram through her calculus textbook on a Tuesday night when both of them know that there is no hope left.

Carleton is full of interesting people and inanimate objects. All you have to do for the latter to become alive is to put on some Instagram filters and let your imagination go wild.


An is a freshman from Japan who is thankful that Minneapolis has a direct flight from Tokyo. She loves animals, both stuffed and alive, and one of the hardest parts of packing for college for her was choosing which plushie to bring to Carleton or, sadly, leave at home. She is currently undecided about her major and is excited to explore new subjects.