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Eve’s Favorite Spaces

This week, Eve shares a look into her a favorite campus spaces.

This week, Eve shares a look into her a favorite campus spaces.

Hello world,

How have you been?

Lately, it’s been sunnier here in Northfield. There have been a few slightly slushy days, too, but that just means spring is getting closer :’)

It’s already ninth week and I can’t believe it! In less than two weeks, I’ll be in New York. Before I go, though, I’m going to share some of my favorite spots on campus (and a quick overview of where I’ve lived).

Freshman year, I shared a double on second Cassat. My sophomore draw number was iffy, so I applied for an ASIA single (and got it)! Last winter, I came back from a term abroad in Hong Kong and was assigned a spacious second Goodhue single. This year, I’m living in a Faculty Club single.

Cassat was definitely the most fun to live on – it’s where I met some of my best friends on campus. ASIA could be a little too lively on weekends, but I think it was my favorite space. Living in a house with a little community feels more comfortable and homey than the dorms. Goodhue was spacious, but the walls were a little thin. This year, I miss the space I had last year, but I do enjoy the 24/7 quiet hours…

Here’s the gorgeous sunlight filtering into my Faculty Club single, onto my bed:

Faculty Club single

Faculty Club is by Watson, which feels close enough to the Rec but a little far at times from Burton and Sayles. When I walk to the Rec, though, here are some the pretty scenes I encounter:

Walk to rec

Crossing Lyman Lakes in the fall! Here you can see Goodhue on the right, behind the trees.

Lyman Lakes
Lyman Lakes

Lyman Lakes in the fall at Golden Hour! And Goodhue.

I love most places on campus just before sunrise and after sunset (Golden Hour). Everything becomes extra photogenic. But on an everyday basis, here are some of my favorite spots:

Rec center

Boxing bag by the Rec track. I love training when it’s peaceful and quiet.

  • Sayles for studying or chilling (I like that ambient noise and high energy, otherwise I fall asleep!).
  • When I used to take calc 2, I camped out all day in the CMC Math Skills Center. There’s some really nice daylight that filters through by the windows.
  • Dacie Moses! I rarely go now, but this was one of my favorite traditions after a night of dancing or during Sunday brunch.
  • The Second Cassat nook! It’ll always be my second home.
  • First James lounge: my friends and I always have movie nights (and sometimes karaoke) here.
  • The Cave. As a Summer Writing Program alumni, this was one of the reasons I decided to come here.

Let me know – what makes you feel at home?



Hello hello! I’m Eve, a 20 y.o. Anthropology major and hybrid image maker. On campus, you can find me hauling around weird photo props in the Weitz, pretending to study in Sayles, lounging on 2nd Cassat, or boxing at the Rec. If you see me, don’t be shy… come over and say hi! Meet the other bloggers!