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End of the Term…

Alvin reminisces over the last couple of months at Carleton.

Alvin reminisces over the last couple of months at Carleton.

I say it every term, but each trimester seems to pass by even quicker than the last. With only ten weeks in the term, our curriculum is very fast paced, and it feels a little strange to think I’ll be back home in sunny California in less than a week.

I’ve been busier than ever this week — as I’m sure most Carls are — with final projects and final exams. Although I’ve been swamped in work, my realization that the term is ending always results in me reflecting upon how the past few weeks have gone. While this term may initially have felt no different than any other, thinking back upon the highs and lows of the last ten weeks allowed me to realize that this was my most successful, memorable, and influential term yet.

We have a wonderful community here at Carleton, and I’m fortunate to be able to meet fantastic people wherever I go. My professors were great this term; all the professors are so passionate about what they teach and their passion and dedication alone play a massive role in my learning. I was also able to get to know some pretty cool people through my new classes, which I’m certainly grateful for. On top of that, I believe my classes this term (more so than any other term) helped me lean towards deciding what I want to major in and which courses I’d like to continue taking.

Aside from classes, we had an extremely successful soccer season. Fall term is always the most exciting term of the year for me due to our soccer season, and this season was definitely one to remember. Losing several key players over the summer, we were unsure how our team would shape up coming into preseason, but the attitude and determination of each member of the team was wonderful.

Winning our conference and advancing to the second round of the NCAA Championships, we posted the third most successful season in Carleton soccer history, losing merely two games in over two and a half months. We came agonizingly close to sealing a trip to the Sweet 16 of the national championships for the just the second time in Carleton history, but we will use our loss as determination to progress further next season. I believe we have a very, very special group of players here, and I’m excited to see how our team will develop over the next 9 months before the season starts again.

As the term comes to a close, the excitement of going home to see family and friends increases. However, I will certainly miss Carleton over the next few weeks. It’s been a special term.

Enjoy the holidays everyone!

Until 2019,

Alvin is a west coast kid at heart (coming from San Jose, California), but is excited to be in Minnesota. He plays for the soccer team here at Carleton and loves exercise. If he’s not on the soccer field, in the gym, or out on a bike ride during his free time, he can be found in one of the lounges playing Exploding Kittens, or in the music building playing piano. He is a potential economics major with an interest in computer science and mathematicsMeet the other bloggers!