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End-of-Term Reflections

Zoë reflects on some of her favorite memories from a successful Fall Term.

Zoë reflects on some of her favorite memories from a successful Fall Term.

It’s hard to believe that I’m officially more than halfway through my Carleton career. My time as a college student is flying by—if you ask me, it’s moving far too fast! Between classesextracurriculars, and spending time with friends, there are so many aspects of being a Carl that I love. So it is with great joy that I reflect on some of my favorite memories of Fall Term in this post.

My Course Load

As a Sociology-Anthropology major and prospective Philosophy minor, the courses I took this term were exceptionally enlightening. In a previous blog post, I featured all of my Fall Term classes, discussing the excitement and anticipation I felt after enrolling in Sociological Thought & Theory, Critical Philosophy of Race, and Studies in African American Literature.

This week, as I write my final papers for these three classes, I can confidently say that I learned a lot from them. Each reinforced and complemented the others well, and throughout the term, I utilized sociological, philosophical, and literary frameworks to make sense of overlapping course material (particularly on the topic of race). The interdisciplinary nature of classes at Carleton was on full display in my course load this term.

Extracurricular Involvement

Playing cello in the Carleton Orchestra this term was a fun time. Being reunited with my stand partner was an especially nice development, given that last year all musicians played at individual music stands to abide by COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Our end-of-term concert featured a Beethoven symphony, as well as shorter pieces by Mahler and Mendelssohn.

Kelly and me celebrating after our first in-person orchestra concert in a year and a half!

Club soccer this term was also a success. Playing intercollegiate games against other club teams was an exciting experience, as was attending weekly practice and participating in team bonding activities. Last weekend, my teammates and I made charcuterie boards, painted on canvases, and listened to Taylor Swift’s new album.  

allianz field
The Womxn’s Club Soccer team at Allianz Field in St. Paul, watching a friendly between the US Women’s National Team and South Korea.

Giving Tours and Blogging for Admissions

My job for the Admissions Office this term went smoothly. I split my time between working as a tour guide and writing for the Admissions Blog. Interacting with prospective Carls and sharing with them my love of the school is rewarding, and blogging perfectly combines my interests in writing and sharing photos.

Dorm Life in James

Living in a suite-style dorm has been fantastic! It feels luxurious to share a private bathroom and common room with my suitemates. I love the location of James Hall on the Mini Bald Spot, the main residential quad on campus. My roommate and I also invested ourselves in the room decoration process, which became a term-long project. Read more about my advice for dorm decoration here.

james double
Taking full advantage of any blank wall space.

Gorgeous Autumnal Weather

Fall is my favorite season of the year, and fall in Northfield is stunning. The air is crisp and the leaves on the trees show off their vivid hues early in the term. Playing soccer by the Hill of Three Oaks, watching soccer games on Bell Field, and going on long Arb walks were all fun outdoor activities throughout the season.

The Chapel framed by the beautiful changing leaves.

Overall, I had a delightful Fall Term. Of course, now during finals, I look forward to our six-week-long winter break; but after that, I’ll be recharged and ready to take on the new year.

Zoë is a junior Sociology-Anthropology major who loves traveling and studying abroad, taking photos, and luxuriating in long walks in the glorious Arb. At Carleton, some of Zoë’s favorite pastimes include frequenting the various coffee shops in downtown Northfield, playing cello in the orchestra, participating in club soccer, and spending time with friends. Meet the other bloggers!