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Day in the Life of a Carl: Katie’s Friday

Katie walks through an average Friday at Carleton.

Katie walks through an average Friday at Carleton.


8:00 I am asleep.

9:00 I am still asleep.

10:00 Still very much asleep.

Lyman Lakes
A view of Lyman Lakes during my walk from Goodhue.


I wake up thinking I have class in 15 minutes, but realize today is Friday which means convocation pushes my class to a 12:00 PM start rather than 10:45!! I ponder going to convocation for half a second before I decide to lay in bed for another 30 minutes. I am not a morning person, and am eternally grateful for the flexibility of college class scheduling.


At 11 I finally decide to get ready for the day and walk to Sayles for lunch. The walk from Goodhue is lovely. I stop for a moment and watch the beavers and ducks by the bridge before realizing my friends are probably wondering where I am. I put in my headphones, turn on some Taylor Swift, and I’m off.


I bump into a friend right outside of LDC and we proceed to have a 10 minute conversation about life and classes. We make plans to grab dinner in town later that night to catch up more properly.


After a couple of more quick waves and hellos I make it to Sayles. I check my mailbox for Friday Flowers and order a turkey burger with avocado. I sit and eat with my friends at our usual table. We talk over this week’s edition of the CLAP and make plans for the weekend.



Field Drawing Assignment
One of my drawings from my class at the Hill of Three Oaks during Field Drawing.

On my way out of Sayles I grab a sweet tea and head towards Laird for my English Course, The Victorian Novel. Today we talk about Jane Eyre and how it compares to books we’ve read already in class. We also go over how the novel would’ve been read in Victorian times versus how we read it today.

1:10 – 2:10

Next I head towards the the Hill of Three oaks for my Studio Art course, Field Drawing. We usually meet in the Weitz, but often go to other places on campus such as the Japanese Garden or the Arb to draw.

2:10 – 5:00

After class, I go back to my room in Goodhue and relax for a bit. I put on makeup for fun and then head to the super lounge to play ping pong with some people there. I think about getting a head start on my homework, but decide I have enough time on Sunday.



I text my friend who I agreed to grab dinner with earlier. We decide to invite some more people and meet up outside Musser at 6:00 so we can all walk together to Kahlo, a restaurant in town.

Students at Kahlo
A picture of my friends and I at Kahlo.


My friends go to Kahlo and I eat, laugh, and discuss our plans for later that night. We try to decide between seeing a SUMO movie, comedy show, or a play. Eventually we if we hurry we can go see a movie at 7:00 and the comedy show at 9:00.

7:00 – 9:00

We all head to the Weitz to watch a screening of Midsommar. I love the movie, but my friends are as impressed.

9:00 – 10:00

After the movie we head to Little Nourse, a small theatre on campus, to watch Queens of Comedy, the stand up group on campus, perform.

10:00 – 11:30

After an hour of laughter we decide to head back to my room and hang out for a bit. We play a few board games and just sit and talk.


Before we all head off to bed for the night we decide to head to Sayles for a late night snack. We say hello to our friends there and talk about what everyone has been up to. Afterwards I head home and look forward to the Saturday to come.

Katie is a senior English Major from Chisholm, MN. She is a Resident Assistant (RA) and loves to act in student theatre productions. When she isn’t busy with those you can catch her hanging out with friends in Sayles, drawing in the Arb, reading a cheesy Young Adult novel on the Bald Spot, or spending too much time playing Animal Crossing: New HorizonsMeet the other bloggers!