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Connecting with Carls!

Felix talks about his experience connecting with Carleton students, and invites prospective students to do the same!

Felix talks about his experience connecting with Carleton students, and invites prospective students to do the same!

As more current high school seniors / incoming freshman apply to Carleton, I figured I’d write a blog for anyone wanting to connect to current students, and covering my experience connecting with Carls when I was an prospective student!

Don’t be Scared to Ask!!

All Carleton students (and alumni!) I’ve met are happy to talk about why they enjoyed Carleton. In 2022 when I was deciding which schools to apply to and which ones on my list to prioritize, I decided to reach out to some current Carls. I messaged two current seniors who had also gone to my high school, and asked them about what the transition was like going from our school in Washington, DC all the way to Carleton in Northfield!

I also messaged some current students I found on Instagram who were involved in Carleton clubs I was interested in! After talking to them about their experiences in these clubs, I felt even more excited about attending the groups once I arrived on campus.

Students eating in the dining hall during an admitted students day.
Admitted students day dining hall experience!

How to get in Contact

Firstly, feel free to reach out to me (I am happy to answer any and all questions, or just talk about how Carleton has been for me so far)! You can reach me at!

Carleton offices: many clubs at Carleton have contact information available on their pages! Or, if you’d like to reach out to an academic department or administrative office, you can navigate to their page on the Carleton website and reach out to any of the emails listed there.

Instagram: if you visit the Carleton College Instagram, most clubs that have a social media presence are promoted there, or listed under the “following” tab! You can also visit the profiles for those clubs, and reach out to contact the students who are active on those pages.

Discord: in a few months, a Discord channel will be sent out for accepted students! You can get in contact with other prospective freshmen there, as well as talk to current students who will be available to answer questions.

Two students talk at a booth at an admitted student day
Another admitted student day experience

Connecting on Campus

As Carleton is a small school, if you choose to attend, you’ll probably see some of the people you talked to around campus! I see the people I reached out to while walking between classes, and its always nice to say hello. I’m also in a club with one of the very same people I reached out to on Instagram to ask about that club! Connecting with Carls is fun — and I hope to connect with some of you out there!

Felix (he/him) from Washington, DC is a freshman at Carleton this year interested in geologyenvironmental studies, and art history, and is excited to explore campus and all it has to offer throughout his first year. Felix is an officer of Carleton Birders as well as an editor with the blog this year, and participates in the Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (CANOE), the Carleton Disability Alliance (CDA), Carls with Artistic Taste (CAT), the Equestrian Club, and the Gender & Sexuality Center (GSC). In his free time, Felix enjoys exploring the outdoors, drawing and painting, and listening to music (currently enjoying Hozier, Car Seat Headrest, The Velvet Underground, TV Girl, and Elliot Smith).