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Campus From Afar: Part 1

In which Greta takes you on a tour of her favorite classroom buildings at Carleton.

In which Greta takes you on a tour of her favorite classroom buildings at Carleton.

Hi there!

My name is Greta, and I’ll be your virtual tour guide today. We can’t be on Carleton’s campus together because of the steps the college is making to slow the spread of COVID-19: President Steven Poskanzer (affectionately known as Stevie P.) announced last Friday that classes will be remote for the rest of the term. But never fear! I’ll be showing you around some of my favorite spots right here, starting with the buildings where my classes would have been this term. And seeing them online with you is a win-win, because gosh, do I miss Carleton, too!

Language and Dining Center (LDC)

LDC in the autumn

LDC would be my first stop most mornings: for breakfast, and then for Spanish class right upstairs. This multi-purpose building, located on the mini bald spot, houses both the East Dining Hall and the language department. You’ll probably frequent LDC for meals and for learning anything from Arabic to Greek to Japanese. Plus, if you need help or just a great study spot, visit the language center on the second floor!

Leighton Hall

Leighton Hall in summer

Leighton holds a special place in my heart as the site of my first-ever Carleton class, Sociology of the Family, and the only building where I’ve had classes all three terms. No wonder! It’s home to all kinds of great departments: sociology/anthropology, American studies, history, religion, philosophy, women and gender studies, Africana studies… if you’re anything like me, you’d want to go there, too.

Laird Hall

Laird in autumn

Laird is also special to me because it’s where I had my A&I Seminar, a special first-year course that introduces students to liberal arts learning. It also had the benefit of being an awesome English class! Seated at a big round table three days a week, discussing literary revision, the sixteen of us got to be pretty close. I made two of my best friends at Carleton in that class, and all of us still email our professor regularly. I’d have another English class in Laird this term, and I’m looking forward to many more.

Weitz Center for Creativity

Weitz Center Music and Performance Commons

I’ve never actually had a full six-credit class in Weitz, but it’s where I practice piano and take lessons, so I end up spending a lot of time there. Playing piano serves multiple purposes for me: destressing, using the creative part of my brain, developing a skill. And by taking an hour-long lesson each week, I also get two Arts Practice credits per term, to add up to Carleton’s graduation requirements. Not that I need extra incentive to do and consume art! My friends and I frequent Weitz to see concerts, plays, movies and more—all for free!

Weitz is also home to one of my favorite student groups on campus: Social Dance Club. This term, I was planning to take a social dance class to fill one of my four PE requirements while having a great time.

Evelyn Anderson Hall

Daugherty Atrium

Extra bonus building! I wouldn’t have had a class in Anderson this term, but it’s the only other place I have had one in the past, so I couldn’t leave it out. (If you hadn’t noticed yet, I get super attached to places at Carleton.)

Affectionately called Evie or just “the new science building,” Anderson opened in fall 2019. That’s right—I’m one of the first who gets it for all four years. It’s a super-sustainable, beautiful new space that combines all of the natural and physical sciences into one building. I’ve had geology and biology classes there so far (both of which were cross-listed under environmental studies). It also holds a new café, the Makerspace, and the central location of Carleton’s geothermal energy system. And even though I wouldn’t have a class there this term, I’m sure I would have spent lots of time in the atrium, studying and just hanging out!

Speaking of which, check back next time for part two of my virual tour: fun places to chill around Carleton! Spoiler alert—I’ll be taking you to Sayles-Hill Campus Center, the Bald Spot, the Cave, Dacie Moses House, and even the Libe.

Until then, feel free to email me at if you have any questions or just want to chat. Being away from campus has made me realize just how much I love talking about Carleton.

Stay well, everyone, and see you next time!

Greta is a proud Vermonter who nevertheless wishes she could be at Carleton instead of sheltering in place. She’s making it through the pandemic by writing constantly, playing piano, and spending time outdoors. Then eating lots of ice cream. She wants to learn everything, but is particularly interested in Sociology/Anthropology, American Studies and, of course, English. Meet the other bloggers!