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Back to School, Bikes, and Blackout

Jelilat had an eventful first week back at Carleton, extolling the virtues of traveling by bike and giving us her weekly rundown.

Jelilat had an eventful first week back at Carleton, extolling the virtues of traveling by bike and giving us her weekly rundown.

Hello again, loyal reader! Spring term is here, and the rules have left the building! Just kidding – I am still going to do my homework and stuff.

My first week back was…eventful. I got all of my books for my Intro to Sociology, Arabic, and Slavery in Film, Literature, and History courses.

Amidst all the craziness of the first week back, I managed to attend my interview for a Resident Assistant (RA) position for the upcoming school year. Three other Carls and I were tasked with building a bridge between two tables using a hoard of materials (including an iron bar that I have yet to fully register was included because why). Our resulting bridge was…modest. And functional. Partly. ANYWAYS. It went well, and I look forward to what is in store!

On Tuesday and Thursday night, I attended my AfroFit P.E. class at the Rec Center. MAN. I. Was. Tired. I will be honest and admit that I wanted to drop the class, BUT I am trying to get snatched sooo I’ll tough it out. Ask me in a few weeks how it’s going. Thanks. – Management.

After a hectic week, I took Friday to decompress. A stroll down to Econofoods in downtown Northfield turned into an hour and a half day trip through the two gaming stores in town, Ragstock a.k.a. the notorious supplier for cultural appropriators to whom I gave my hard-earned coint (I got some glasses and earrings I will debut soon – don’t fret), the Northfield Arts Guild, and Downtown. In the aftermath of my trip, I managed to not buy everything in my line of sight and make it home before dusk. I know. Wow. I am so talented.

Saturday was a bright and iridescent day because I came outside. You’re welcome. After meeting with my Spring Term Writing Assistant, I headed to the repair fair to take advantage of the free labor of my peers. I got my bike fixed after knowingly neglecting it for the entire winter all the while subconsciously stressing about not having it for the spring. Moving on, I got my pitifully-rusted bike chain replace at Downtown Bikes! Now I’m cruising around campus while the plebeians are beholden to longer travel times and involuntary aerobic movement. In the evening, I rode my newly-fixed bicycle to the Weitz for the Blackout Improv groups show. Blackout Improv is an all-Black *throws up Black Power fist*, Minneapolis-based improv group. Were they funny? Yes, and (see what I did there? I learned that from watching Jane the Virgin) they were inspiring and entertaining.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned, faithful reader.


As a selectively-proud Houstonian, Jelilat is undecided in her major, and could be more concerned about her life after college. Meh. She’ll get there. She enjoys thriller novels, compulsive online shopping, and skipping the “It” movie advertisements when they come on. Jelilat also enjoys taking #OutfitofTheDay pics, spending time with people with very loud laughs, and learning more about her fellow peers’ experiences, interests, and perspectives.