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Arts Practice and Scrunching!

Jacob discusses fulfilling a unique Arts Practice graduation requirement and "scrunching" classes.

Jacob discusses fulfilling a unique Arts Practice graduation requirement and "scrunching" classes.

The end of the term is so close! I am finishing my work for my classes, but all my work for sculpture is already done! For my final project, I made a mobile arch structure that turned out very well.

The Arts Practice graduation requirement ensures that everyone, including STEM-focused students like me, takes a class that focuses on creativity. To fulfill this requirement, I took sculpture. Even though the class demands a serious time commitment, I enjoyed doing work that was completely unlike math and physics. I got the chance to learn how to use different materials and machines to create amazing structures.

One great academic tool that Carleton offers is S/Cr/NC (Satisfactory/Credit/No Credit, pronounced scrunch), which allows students to take courses essentially pass/fail. Students can scrunch up to five courses, so I decided to use one of mine on sculpture. I didn’t have the time over these past couple weeks to focus on my final sculpture as much as I wanted to, so I scrunched the course as a safeguard. This allowed me to relax in the class and focus on my work instead of worrying about my grade. Both the Arts Practice requirement and the ability to scrunch courses allows students to explore a variety of curricular options and take some awesome classes!

Jacob is a potential physics, math, and/or geology major (he’s indecisive) who appreciates the occasional anthropology or English class. Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has made it easy for Jacob to adapt to the Northfield winters, during which he likes to ski and go traying. In more agreeable weather Jacob enjoys going on outings with CANOE, the outdoors club, and playing Ultimate Frisbee on the Gods of Plastic, Carleton’s DIII men’s ultimate team. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers