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An Exciting Weekend Ahead

Alvin talks about his soccer team's triumph this past weekend as well as what lies ahead.

Alvin talks about his soccer team's triumph this past weekend as well as what lies ahead.

On Saturday, our soccer team was crowned as MIAC champions! We defeated Augsburg in penalty kicks in front of over 600 supporters. The atmosphere was incredible, and we were granted an automatic bid to the national tournament for the first time since 2013, and for only the fourth time in Carleton history.

The aftermath following the victory is something I will certainly never forget, and the occasion of the game brought the school together: from numerous athletic teams attending, to students, professors, and faculty alike, Saturday’s triumph will go down as another key highlight in the history of Carleton athletics.


Although we won our conference, there is still a lot left to play for. Every team’s goal is to win a national championship, and for the first time in five years, we have a chance. This weekend, we will be traveling down to Chicago to face Transylvania University, with the #4 nationally ranked University of Chicago waiting to play the winner of our game on Sunday.

Unlike most other schools, we are on the trimester system, and we have final projects and finals coming up. Usually, the soccer season is over by this time and we are able to fully focus on academics, but this year, we must be more disciplined than ever as our time commitment to soccer grows even greater. We will be missing all of our classes this Friday, and have very limited time to do coursework this weekend due to our demanding game schedule. But if we win both games, we will make it to the Sweet 16 for just the second time ever! It is most certainly an exciting time for all of us, and I’m confident that my teammates and I will make the most of our time to stay on top of our work so we can fully prepare ourselves to be successful on the soccer field. These will be our last few games with our senior class, and no matter what happens, I know that we will create many unforgettable memories together while making history in Carleton Soccer.

Hopefully I will have more positive soccer news at this time next week! Now it’s time to go to some more homework to get as much done as possible before Friday.

Until next week,


Alvin is a west coast kid at heart (coming from San Jose, California), but is excited to be in Minnesota. He plays for the soccer team here at Carleton and loves exercise. If he’s not on the soccer field, in the gym, or out on a bike ride during his free time, he can be found in one of the lounges playing Exploding Kittens, or in the music building playing piano. He is a potential economics major with an interest in computer science and mathematicsMeet the other bloggers!