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All About Watson Hall

Defne gives a detailed review of Watson Hall, her beloved dorm building.

Defne gives a detailed review of Watson Hall, her beloved dorm building.

When I first learnt that I was to live in Watson Hall in my first year, I had a hard time trying to find information on it. Now, it is my mission to educate the new generation who would also be curious as to where they will live for a whole year. If you just got assigned Watson Hall as a dorm, I got you!

A common area in Watson, featuring a few chairs and a couch
One of Watson’s common areas

Watson is one of the seven dorm halls that you can live as a first year. There are doubles and triples on all seven floors (it’s the tallest building on campus!) that house first years, and singles that house upperclassmen. Since there are a lot of singles, Watson doesn’t feel like a first year dorm and it doesn’t get overly crowded in the bathrooms and lounges. The floors aren’t that big either, so it is usually quite peaceful out here. The location also plays into that. We are just outside of the circle of dorms that surround the Mini Bald Spot. So while it’s pretty central and close to the East Dining Hall and some of the other first year dorms, it is a minute away from that group of buildings, which makes it a bit quieter and secluded.

When it comes to the interior, it is a bit outdated but I think it’s homely. The carpeted floors and the warm lights give very cozy vibes. The kitchen and floor lounges are small compared to other dorms but we have a very nice first floor lounge and a game room in the basement that has a ping pong table, foosball and a bunch of board games. I usually go there to play cards with my friends and beat them without mercy. And on top of all this, we have A/C (which some of the other dorms do not). What more could you want?

A doorway into one of Watson Hall's kitchens
Our floor kitchen!

I think the rooms are pretty good too. I live in a third floor double and there I say that it is the biggest double I’ve seen yet. We have ample closet space, two large windows and carpeted floors. I genuinely love my room. The triples are a tiny bit cramped in storage space but I think they are still pretty good. Especially the corner triples have really nice windows and views. People say that Watson has a specific smell, which is kinda true, but I don’t think it’s a bad smell. I associate that smell with going to bed and being warm and cozy now.

A hallway on the third floor of Watson
The hallway on my floor

But the best thing about Watson is the Japanese Garden. It’s technically not a part of Watson, but it’s right next to the backdoor and it looks like our backyard. I love to just go sit there under the shade and listen to music or the rain. It’s probably my favorite spot on campus.

There you have it, Watson Hall in all its glory. It might not be as fancy as Cassat or Nourse, but everyone knows that all the cool people live in Watson.

Defne (she/her/hers), is a first year international student from Istanbul, Turkey. Her natural habitat is the library and her diet consists of tea, coffee and LDC pizza. An artistic specimen, she dabbles in all art forms from printmaking to theater. She can be observed reading comics in the bookstore in downtown Northfield.