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A Weekend in Northfield

Margie recounts an eventful weekend in Northfield.

Margie recounts an eventful weekend in Northfield.

Living in Northfield in the summer can often have a very different vibe then the school year. There aren’t as many students, so the town is many more full-time residents. Luckily, a few of of my friends are around for the summer, so the weekend is a great time to take a break from work and research to explore Northfield.

This weekend there was a lot of fun events happening in Northfield, so I got the chance to spend a lot of time enjoying the wonderful town Carleton is in.

Thursday Evening: Crazy Daze

Every summer, Northfield closes the streets for residents and students alike to peruse stores, eat at local restaurants, and enjoy the scenic downtown. My favorite stop was Content, a locally owned book store!


a discount bookshelf
Content usually has a discount book rack out, even if it isn’t Crazy Daze. 

Saturday Morning: the Vintage Band Festival 

Crazy Daze weekend also coincided with the Vintage Band Festival. The festival was a wonderful time to get outside and sit by the river. I even got some Hogan Brother’s to enjoy while I was listening to the music.

Everyone listening to the vintage band festival
The park was packed with people at the Vintage Band Festival.

I sat in the park by the Eagle! The Eagle is turned towards the college that most recently won the Carleton-St. Olaf football game. Right now it’s pointed towards Carleton!

The eagle in downtown northfield
I was there when they turned it!

After I enjoyed the music I meandered over to Clothes Closet, which is a Thrift Store in town. A great place to get a new outfit or some fun shoes!

Margie in the clothes closet
Clothes Closet is probably my favorite business in town!

I then took a relaxing walk through our Arboretum and enjoyed the peace and quiet away from the bustling downtown.

The mini waterfall in arb on an afternoon in summer.
It was such a stunning afternoon 🙂

Saturday Night: An Evening with My Friends

This day was also a friend’s birthday, so we spent a lot of time out on the town!

First we had cake pops at our house! They were homemade.

Friends sitting on the deck with cakepops!
They were yummy, even though they looked really pink.

We then went out to dinner at Tokyo Grill. It was nice to get a fix of Japanese food after studying abroad there.

After that we went into town and relaxed at the Contented Cow. We met up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while so it was an altogether great evening!

a view of the river from the Cow
Northfield’s downtown has so many riverside businesses, you’re always sure to find a good view.

Sunday: More Food, Friends, and Family

The celebration continued on to Sunday.

We had a harmonica performance on the deck.

Two people playing harmonica outside
My friends serenaded us with the song Hallelujah.

Then a friend living elsewhere came to visit, so we spent the afternoon catching up and wandering around town and campus. We got some coffee from Goodbye Blue Monday!

Two friends hugging
A peaceful hug after seeing a friend we haven’t seen in a while.

My parents then came down and took us out to Fielder’s Choice, a local restaurant. We of course had to have The Blast Ice Cream afterwards.

After that we took another walk in the arb and saw some deer!

A wild deer in the arb
We saw a mama deer and two babies (not pictured)

I then ended the night watching TV with my house!

Not every weekend is this action packed, but I love to make use of the free time I have at school and can’t wait for another fun weekend in town!

If Margie (she/they) were a place at Carleton, they would be Sayles, Carleton’s bustling student center! Margie is a varsity Basketball player, is a DJ for KRLX, Carleton’s student-run radio station, and occasionally participates in Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (CANOE). In their free time, Margie works at a food truck!