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A Week in the Life of a Baseball Player in the Fall

Ryan shows what a week in the life of a baseball player looks like during the fall season.

Ryan shows what a week in the life of a baseball player looks like during the fall season.

I am a member of the baseball team here at Carleton, and even though it’s a spring sport, we have a non-traditional season in the fall. That means we have full practices and team workouts throughout the week in preparation for the season. Let’s take a look at what a typical week for me looks like in our fall season!



I had two classes on Monday (Intro to Calculus and my A&I Seminar), and after they ended I biked over to the Rec Center to start getting ready for practice at the Mel Taube Field. Our practice wasn’t super intense, but we all showed up and got our work in for the two-and-a-half hours we were at the field. After practice ended, I raced over to the West Dining Hall in Burton to grab dinner before it closes. I then did some homework in the library before going to bed early in preparation for an early day on Tuesday.


My Tuesday morning started at 6 in the morning for a team workout at the Laird Stadium gym. Although waking up that early is a little painful, I don’t mind it too much because during the lift I’m always energized and ready to get on with my day. After a quick breakfast with some teammates, I head off to my Intro to Macroeconomics class. After class, I grab lunch and do some homework. We didn’t have practice so I am able to take some time to myself in the evening and go to bed early.

Some of my baseball teammates after a team workout in the Laird Stadium gym.


On Wednesday I was able to sleep in a little bit because my first class started at 12:30. I had class until 3. I then headed up to practice from 4 to about 6:30 so I didn’t have to rush too hard to grab dinner before the Burton Dining Hall closed. Afterward, it was more homework and rest before Thursday!


My lifting group works out at 7 am on Thursdays, so I was able to sleep in a little more than Tuesday (though it did not feel much better). After a post-workout breakfast, I went to my economics class and then had lunch. After doing a few minor chores like cleaning up my room and folding laundry, I decided to take a power nap before our afternoon practice. The nap helped energize me for the practice and the rest of the night.

macro class
My macroeconomics professor lecturing on economic growth.


Instead of a normal practice on Friday, the team geared up in full uniforms for a shortened intersquad game. The team split up into two (maize and blue, of course) and played through 6 innings as if it were a real game. It was pretty competitive but a lot of fun. My team won which made it a much better experience. After the game, the team went to Burton to grab dinner together. On Friday night I hung out with some friends to cap off my long week.

baseball team
Team maize facing off against blue in Friday’s intersquad game.

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday was a very busy day for me. In the morning we had a team workout, and right after we had to help with concessions and being ball boys at football’s home game. I love how the sports teams at Carleton help other sports teams; it’s a great way to help the school, show spirit, bond with your teammates, and support Carleton athletics! Sunday is usually a very relaxed day for me. We don’t have practices on Sundays so I’m able to sleep in in the mornings and take the rest of the day to complete anything I still needed to do for Monday.

Although my week is pretty packed with practices, workouts, class, and studying, I really enjoy it! I love playing baseball and learning new things, so it takes a lot of that weight off. I’m really excited for the spring because that’s when our official season starts!



Ryan (he/him) is a freshman from Alameda, CA. He is currently undecided on a major but enjoys stem classes. He plays on the varsity baseball team and is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ryan loves spending his free time playing video games, listening to music, or spending time with his friends in the dining halls.