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A Warm Welcome to the Freezing Negatives

Despite the cold temperatures gracing campus, Norman warmly welcomes back the Carleton community.

Despite the cold temperatures gracing campus, Norman warmly welcomes back the Carleton community.

Welcome back! Hopefully, you’ve managed to settle in, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and had a chance to tune into Dawn FM because we are starting the year with love and gratitude. It’s good to be optimistic throughout this time of year because negative temperatures and an increase in COVID cases have caused us to isolate a bit more than usual. As a Carl, I highly recommend checking out the light boxes and exploring the useful resources provided by the Office of Health Promotion. Because after the dark there is light!

Winter Break

How daunting is it knowing that 6 weeks of winter break have gone by with a snap of a finger? The first week felt like I was adjusting once more to home life, driving around town, holiday shopping, and finding incredible deals from Express! Then, I spent most of my time participating in a Real Estate Certification program offered in partnership with Colgate University and the Urban Land Institute.

In hindsight, the break felt like a refresher as I was able to focus my energy and attention on the people who matter most to me. I thoroughly enjoyed weekly dinners and overnight game sessions with the boys! My hometown is experiencing similar temperatures to Northfield, but I can certainly say that seeing my family felt heartwarming.


With the temperatures dropping down to the negatives, I strongly advise dressing in layers and staying indoors whenever you can—it’s never pleasant shivering in the snow. If you do not have access to any winter clothing, stay on the lookout for the Winter Wardrobe, a fantastic resource at Carleton where you’re able to take any necessary clothing such as coats, hats, gloves, and boots free of charge.

A walk past the Bald Spot, where two ice rinks are installed every year!

The ice rink is BACK! It’s the talk of the town and why wouldn’t be? It’s a blast zooming on the ice! I’m personally more of a skier, although who doesn’t like to slip and slide on the ice?!


Due to an increase of cases within the campus, everyone is being respectful and cautious by wearing masks and other protective gear to keep our community safe. Students are taking baseline tests and avoiding any unnecessary trips outside of the campus. In order for us to enjoy a snow-filled term, we are staying safe by looking out for one another.

I wish you a great start to the year filled with prosperity. Special thanks to my friend Jonathan Nguyen, the one who has taught me what it is to love about Carleton!

It’s time to catch up 🙂

Norman is a freshman from Pawtucket, Rhode Island, who is excited to experience the Minnesota winters and Northfield’s culture. His curiosity for quantum mechanics has caused both a headache and an interest in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Economics! At Carleton, he wants to participate in a variety of clubs and indulge himself in the unknown. In his free time, Norman can be found reading a book with a cup of green tea on the side, listening to the Weeknd, or excessively online shopping. Meet the other bloggers!