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A Successful Halloweekend

Zoë describes various seasonal festivities that took place around campus in celebration of Halloween.

Zoë describes various seasonal festivities that took place around campus in celebration of Halloween.

The long-awaited Halloweekend finally happened, and it was such an exciting occasion! Throughout the weekend, people all across campus dressed up in their costumes and participated in Halloween-themed activities. From grabbing free candy and apple cider at various offices around campus, to attending the College President’s Halloween Open House, there were tons of ways to enjoy the weekend.

My friends and me in costume at a school-wide Halloween event hosted at the President’s house.

Free Festive Food

From hot apple cider passed out in the library, to buckets scattered around campus brimming with Halloween candy, there were lots of opportunities to grab some festive treats. The dining halls even served some Halloween-themed foods, with caramel apples, frosted cookies, and “bloody” tomato soup featured on the menu.

Valley Scare

Every year, the Student Activities Office offers transportation to ValleySCARE (typically known as Valleyfair) in Shakopee, Minnesota. An amusement park full of seasonal attractions such as haunted houses, hayrides, mazes, and roller coasters, it’s an entertaining way to enjoy an evening of Halloweekend. I have yet to go to ValleySCARE, but it’s on my bucket list for next year since my friends returned with positive reports. 

An incredible photo captured during a roller coaster that my friend, Nikki, and her softball team daringly rode at ValleySCARE.

Costumes with Friends

Halloween is not Halloween without a concerted effort at a costume. My friends and I went the funny route and dressed up as a quartet of colored crayons. I was a light blue crayon, Rylyn was yellow, Kelly was orange, and Chris was purple. I ended up getting decked out in my crayon regalia on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for various Halloween events. Totally worth it! It was also super impressive to see the outfits that my friends put together—between Phineas and Ferb characters and an excellent portrayal of Marie Antoinette, people across campus pulled out all the stops.

Kelly, Chris, and me trying our best to embrace our crayon-likeness without laughing.

Aly B.’s Open House

President Alison Byerly (affectionately nicknamed Aly B.) hosted a Halloween Open House on Sunday, handing out candy, cider, and delicious desserts. My fellow crayons and I stopped by her house, picked up some treats, and enjoyed the ambiance of the beautiful house, made even better by its incredible Halloween decorations. Tons of students passed through her home in their costumes and chatted with Aly B., enjoying the event and her company.

halloween open house
The Halloween Open House invitations Aly B. sent to all Carls on campus.

All in all, I’d say Halloweekend was a smashing success. I love this time of year on campus (the trees are changing color and the scenery is absolutely beautiful), and Halloween is always a celebration to look forward to. Guess it’s time to start planning my costume for next year!

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