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A Review of my Favorite Carleton Acronyms (Part 2)

Welcome to Acronyms 101! Fátima introduces us to some of her favorite Carleton acronyms.

Welcome to Acronyms 101! Fátima introduces us to some of her favorite Carleton acronyms.

Let’s dive into more of my favorite Carleton acronyms! (In case you missed it, check out my previous post.)

FISH (Fellowship in the Son’s Hope)

Formally known as Douglas House, FISH is Carleton’s Christian Interest House. It is a safe space for members of the Christian community to gather, share, and learn from each other’s spiritual growth. Residents of FISH work collaboratively with the Fellowship in Christ board to host a variety of events to help strengthen bonds and foster a safe environment for everyone to explore their faith.

As a Christian, I have found FISH to be one of the most welcoming places on campus. Whether it is for Friday fondue, Bible study groups, or simply hanging out to make a puzzle, I always feel comfortable being myself around the wonderful people that make up this community.

OCS (Off-Campus Studies)

A student reading by a river
Reading for class by the Havel River, Germany (Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe).

Though I haven’t yet gotten the chance to participate in an off-campus studies program, I definitely look forward to it!

The OCS team offers programs all year (including winter, spring, and summer breaks!) and around the world. The programs include all kinds of academic interests, such as Cross-Cultural Psychology in Prague (one I hope to join in my sophomore year!) and Climate Change and Human Health in Ethiopia.

S/Cr/NC (Satisfactory/Credit/No Credit)

Sometimes taking a particular class can be very scary. You may want to take Observational Drawing, but are afraid that your untrained hand will not manage to capture the depth of your object. Maybe you feel like taking a 300-level course with Prof. Constanza Ocampo-Raeder (and I hear you absolutely should!), but worry that you won’t have the time to get that A you so desire. Well, fear not, for S/Cr/NC (pronounced “scrunch”) is here to save the day!

By scrunching a course, you are allowed to take a class without a grade to affect your GPA. Instead, students who “scrunch” are simply given a score of satisfactory (equivalent to grades A through C-), credit (grades D+ through D-), or no credit (a failing grade). S/Cr/NC encourages us to take riskier courses for credit without worrying about grades, so that we can simply enjoy them!

SHAC (Student Health and Counseling)

If you read my post on being sick, you know how much I appreciate the resources that SHAC offers. Whether you have a slight headache or think you might have twisted your ankle while slacklining, SHAC’s got you covered.

This was Acronyms 101…

I could probably go on forever about Carleton’s many acronyms, but for my sake and yours, I will stop here. I hope you learned a thing or two.

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