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A Regular Day at Carleton (Sophomore Edition)

Hannah walks through a "typical" day at Carleton.

Hannah walks through a "typical" day at Carleton.

As a freshman, I wrote a post about what a regular day at Carleton looked like for me, and it’s fun to look back and see what my life looked like during this time last year. So now that I’m a sophomore, I’ve decided it’s time for a day-in-my-life ~sophomore edition~.

Life as a Carleton Student

I usually wake up about an hour or so before my first class, which is POSC 204: US Campaigns and Elections, at 9:50 on Mondays/Wednesdays and 9:40 on Fridays. Since I am on the 15 meal plan, I eat breakfast at my house. Usually, breakfast consists of cereal or a bagel.

My beautifully crafted bagel of the morning.

Once I finish breakfast and get ready for the day, I bike over to Leighton Hall for my political science class. US Campaigns and Elections has been really interesting so far, and it is especially fun to have the class during an election period. My professor, Brian Harrison, is also helping us start a club called CarlsVote, which focuses on increasing political and civic engagement on campus. Our current goal in the next couple of weeks is to get as many people on campus registered to vote as possible, whether that be in Northfield or back home (wherever that may be for people).

POSC 204
My political science class going through the current political news of the week.

Right after political science, I head over to the Weitz Center for Creativity where I have Latin 204. This latin class is the final class I need to fulfill my language requirement for graduation (though if I want to keep taking higher-level latin classes I can). Latin this term has been a challenge, but then again it has been most terms. Despite the difficulty, I love the Classics department at Carleton, and I definitely want to continue to take classes with them. Oh, and let me just give a quick shoutout: if you take one of the ancient languages at Carleton… you get a latin or greek t-shirt when you finish the language sequence (super hyped to get mine)!

Latin 204 class
My group for our latin translation today (I told them to look like they were working really hard).

Following the conclusion of Latin 204, I go to the Language and Dining Center (LDC) for lunch with my friend Meredith. Today I had a salad and two good chicken noodle soup bowls.

lunch (soup and salad)
My lunch today!

After lunch at 1:00, I go to work at the Center for Community and Civic Engagement (CCCE) office. I am currently a Communications Cohort Fellow, so I do a lot of things involving communication (who would have guessed am I right?). This means I help get the word out for events put on by other cohorts in the CCCE, or just anything CCCE related. My daily office hours can look like designing a poster, meeting with certain cohorts or pro-staff, interviewing someone, writing an article for the newsletter, editing the CCCE website, adding something to the campus calendar, sending out a campus announcement, or creating social media posts (and more!).

CCCE office
Part of the CCCE office!

My shift ends at 3:00 at the CCCE, so I head back to my house to get ready for ultimate frisbee practice at 4:00, but I usually try to get there 10-15 minutes early.

Frisbee practice goes from 4:00-6:00 pm, and it is so much fun! I am a member of Syzygy, the women’s club D1 team. Currently, we are off-season, so we practice 4 times a week. I just joined the team this year, and I absolutely adore my teammates and frisbee.

teammate bereal
A goofy photo with some of my teammates

Once practice ends, I either have tinner (team dinner) or dinner with my friends at LDC, before I had back to my house to shower. After I get all my homework stuff together, I typically head to Anderson Hall (for geology) or Hasenstab Hall (political science). If I have a lab or homework assignment for my Plate Tectonics class, I go to Anderson to work with other people in my geology class or to talk to the TAs. Today I did homework in Hasenstab with my friends Audrey, Peter, and Adam.

Some of the besties studying it up in Hasenstab!

I usually spend the rest of the night studying, and then I head to bed.

I use the term “usually” despite the fact that most of the time every day looks different! Today didn’t even cover days when I don’t have practice, or when I have a lab, or plate tectonics (or the other random fun things I will do in a given week). Moral of the story: no day at Carleton is quite the same!



Hannah is a sophomore interested in Geology, Political Science and Classics. Still unsure what she will major in, she likes to spend her time learning as much as she can about whatever she can. Born and raised in Minnesota, she considers herself somewhat of an expert on MN winters. At Carleton, she fills her schedule with writing for the Admissions blog, working as a CCCE Communications Fellow, taking flute lessons, and increasing voter engagement on campus. When Hannah isn’t in class, she can be found tossing a frisbee, thrifting, running for fun, looking at rocks, reading, walking and skiing in the Arb, and hanging out with her besties. Meet the other bloggers!