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A Reflection Before Senior Year

Margie reflects on her time at Carleton and looks forward to her senior year!

Margie reflects on her time at Carleton and looks forward to her senior year!

As my time as an admissions blog writer ends and the beginning of my senior year is at hand, I have been reflecting on all the things I wish I had done differently. I also have been reflecting on all the things I was so happy I had done and how many things I am excited to do this year!

Follow along as I share somethings I would do again, somethings I would’ve done, and somethings I am excited for!

Margie on the Carleton sign
Me as a Freshman: I didn’t know all that this school had in store for me yet!

Somethings I Would Do Again:

I would go to as many sporting events as possible! I love to go cheer on my friends, and thankfully all the events are free to go to!

Five students taking a selfie on the basketball court
The crew after a men’s basketball game

I would take lots of classes from lots of departments. There are so so so so many amazing courses and professors at this school and the possibilities are endless. There’s no reason not to take an interdisciplinary approach to Carleton.

Margie with a museum didactic
I made this awesome didactic for my Medieval Latin class.

I would go to every campus tradition that was possible! Some events didn’t happen as much because of COVID-19 but I still had a lot of fun at the Midwinter ball, Sproncert, Date Knight, Late Night Breakfast, and so many other traditions!

Two friends hugging at sproncert
I’ve only been to one sproncert so far, but this one ruled!

Somethings I Would Do Differently:

I would’ve also attended more campus talks such as Convocation and department talks. You can learn so much at those and make awesome connections!

Students packed in at convocation
Everyone got packed in for this convocation!

My biggest regret would be not taking as many art classes! A lot of them are sophomore priority so now that I’m a senior it’s hard to get into them. If I could do it again I would take those awesome classes!

Grace taking a picture of Grace
Sometimes art classes take you to fun places, like Menards!

I would’ve gone to bake at Dacie Moses House. It’s a great place to release stress and hang out with friends.

Someone holding a tray of cookies
This could be me, if I went to Dacie Moses House

I would’ve made use of spaces like the Makerspace, and the Writing Center more. As a senior I still have a chance to use these resources but I wish I had put my foot in the door earlier and made those connections. It is a good reminder that it’s never too late to use Carleton’s resources!

Somethings I am Looking Forward to for Senior Year:

There are a lot of traditions and events I am excited for as a senior. The first is the bubble brigade! I can’t wait to blow bubbles over the faculty during convo! I also want to ref Rottblatt which is something special that seniors get to do.

A student blowing bubbles at convo
Bubbles on bubbles on bubbles

I’m also hyped for Senior Week, which is a week of celebrations leading up to graduation! It includes a last chance dance, which is kind of like prom.

Six friends posing at graduation
I’m the one not in a robe, but I was hyped to see all that my friends had accomplished

I’m also a little excited for my Comps! I still don’t know what I’m gonna do for it, but it will be a great challenge to really culminate my senior career.

The Carleton sign
Home sweet home

If Margie (she/they) were a place at Carleton, they would be Sayles, Carleton’s bustling student center! Margie is a Varsity Basketball player, is a DJ for KRLX, Carleton’s student-run radio station, and occasionally participates in Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (CANOE). In her free time, Margie works at a food truck!