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A Look Into Burton Hall

Ryan shares some things that come with living in Burton Hall.

Ryan shares some things that come with living in Burton Hall.

If you didn’t know, I’m living in Burton Hall this year. It’s a great freshman dorm and comes packed with services that I might need throughout the year. Here are some things that come along with living in Burton: 

The Complex

Burton Hall is part of what’s called The Complex, which is a group of three residence halls: Burton, Severance (also known as Sevy on campus), and Davis. These three residence halls are all connected to each other, and all have a walkway that leads to the Sayles-Hill Campus Center. This makes it much easier to visit friends in these other two dorms or walk to Sayles to study or grab food from the cafe. 


walk to sayles
Passing by the Office of Health Promotion on my walk to Sayles from Burton.


Being part of the Complex also means Burton residents have access to SHAC, our student health and counseling services (located in Davis), and the Great Hall (located in Sevy). 

Burton Dining Hall

Burton also houses a dining hall on the basement level. This will be great during the winter because it means I won’t have to go outside to get food! The Burton Dining Hall is the oldest dining facility at Carleton and is open later than the other main dining hall at LDC, which allows me to go after a long day or a sports practice. 


One of the rooms in Burton Dining Hall!

Laundry Room

Laundry is an included service at Carleton— all residence halls and houses have washers and dryers and you don’t need to pay to use them (something that surprised me when I got here!). The laundry room in Burton is really nice because it comes with a ton of washers and dryers, so I never need to wait to start a cycle. 

burton laundry
Burton’s washing machines in the laundry room!


Floor Lounge and Kitchen

Each floor on Burton comes with a lounge (with a tv!) and a kitchen. The lounge, as I’ve mentioned before, is a great place to study or hang out with friends. Our lounge on the second floor has two booth tables, lounge chairs, and a sofa. Our kitchen has a microwave, oven, stove, sink, and a large refrigerator and freezer. 


Couches and chairs in the 2nd Burton lounge


The kitchen attached to the lounge, before I heated up some mac and cheese!

Burton Rooms

Burton is known for its triples, but houses some singles and doubles as well. Burton has two-room triples at the end of each hall (I live in one of these), and some “suite” triples as well, with one larger room connected to one or two smaller bedrooms. 


Overall, I love living in Burton! It’s in a great location on campus, and the facilities and buildings it’s connected to are a huge plus. 



Ryan (he/him) is a freshman from Alameda, CA. He is currently undecided on a major but enjoys stem classes. He plays on the varsity baseball team and is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ryan loves spending his free time playing video games, listening to music, or spending time with his friends in the dining halls.