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A Day in the Life of a Carl: Joey’s Monday

Join Joey at work study, sociology class, cinema & media studies class, meals, and late-night ultimate practice.

Join Joey at work study, sociology class, cinema & media studies class, meals, and late-night ultimate practice.

To provide a snapshot of our lives as Carleton students, this week each of the 5 Admissions Fellows will walk you through a day we experienced on campus.

8:30 It’s Monday morning!

My roommate and I begrudgingly acknowledge the 3,127 alarms we have set “just in case” we sleep through one of them.

8:35 — Time to get up.

In the midst of conversation, my roommate and I go brush our teeth and get ready for the day.

8:50 I head to the Language and Dining Center, LDC, for breakfast with friends!

Provides context for where I eat breakfast.
Exterior view of the main entrance to the LDC. The dining hall is to the right, where you can see some of the big windows!

While I love Carleton’s other dining hall, Burton, I find LDC great for the first meal of the day since it has enormous windows that let in tons of sunlight. Plus, it’s super close to my dorm.

9:25 I have work in 5 minutes.

Per usual, I’ve spent a little too long in the dining hall talking with friends. Even though work is soon, there is no need to worry — campus buildings are organized well and they’re close together.

9:29:59 I arrive at work on time!

Example of arb crew at work.
Students workers on the “arb crew” maintain campus trails.

During the academic year I’m an office aide for the Admissions Office. My work involves helping with general office duties, from entering data to moving college materials from building to building.

There are a variety of popular work study opportunities at Carleton. Students work as office aides for academic and administrative departments, maintain trails with the “arb crew”, and teach PE classes, among other opportunities! Students have the choice to apply all, some, or none of their earnings to their tuition.

11:00 — Work with Admissions is over for today.

I have a little bit of time to do some homework before I get lunch. I walk to a nearby dorm, Davis, and read for my psychology class that I have tomorrow.

11:30 — Time to meet friends for lunch!

Because Davis Hall is connected to other buildings (this is called “the complex”), I don’t even have to walk outside to meet my friends at the  dining hall on this side of campus, Burton.

Impression of Burton dining hall.
The entrance to Burton dining hall! The leftmost part of this structure is Davis Hall.

Dining hall food is consistently good and filling. There are options that meet various dietary needs, stations that specialize in certain items (pizza, pasta, salads, fruit, etc.), and others that have main courses that vary from day to day. Food at Carleton is definitely healthy — however, there are some pretty phenomenal desserts, too 🙂

12:15 — I spend time in Sayles with friends.

Getting to Sayles from Burton is easy — I just walk through another part of the complex since everything is connected. Here I check my mail, say hi to other Carls, get convinced to play a quick game of foosball, and drink the hot chocolate I got from the dining hall.

12:30 — Just arrived at Leighton for my sociology/anthropology class.

Provides image of Leighton Hall, where I have class.
Leighton was built in 1921! It is home to many departments in the social sciences and humanities.

The course is called “Investigating (In)Equality,” and focuses on economic inequality and welfare state systems across the world. This has been one of my favorite classes to date.

1:40 — Time to get to the Weitz!

My sociology/anthropology class just ended. I talk with a couple of friends and rush to the Weitz Center for Creativity — this is one of the longest walk Carls have to do on campus. Even so, it takes just 8 minutes to get there.

1:50 — My Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) seminar is beginning.

Taught by Carol Donelan, the CAMS seminar is another one of my favorite Carleton classes. There are only 9 people in the class, including myself.

Impression of cinema on campus.
Our cinema in the Weitz Center for Creativity screens films for CAMS classes and for SUMO events on weekends.

3:35 — I need a little brain and food break.

I walk to the Weitz Café, where I buy a quinoa salad with strawberries. Once in a while I’ll buy a muffin, but I already ate the banana chocolate chip muffins at LDC for breakfast. After relaxing with a YouTube video for a couple of minutes, I do some more reading for my psychology class.

4:15 — Time to go to Cowling!

The walk from the Weitz Center for Creativity to the Cowling Gymnasium, where I have my next activity, is a relaxing one. 

4:30 — I’m in a dance class, and it’s starting!

Image of ballroom at Carleton.
Social dance classes at Carleton are taught by students who are often involved with our equally-welcoming, competitive ballroom dance team.

This class, Social Dance II, builds off of the Social Dance I class I took in the fall trimester. Both of these classes are student-taught; we learn dances like the waltz, east coast swing, and tango.

Time flies by with the Carleton dance community. Leaders of the dance community stress comfort with one’s partner and self during dances, embrace mistakes as a part of the learning process, and are incredibly welcoming to new dancers. Learning how to dance is super fun for Carleton’s beloved Midwinter Ball tradition, too!

5:40 Social Dance II just ended, and I have choices.

Do I want to get an early dinner with friends, spend time relaxing with friends, or do a little homework with friends? Since it’s a busy day and I need to get psychology reading done, I choose to go to the Evans dorm lounge and study with a friend.

6:30 After we study for a little bit, we play foosball in the lounge.

The Evans lounge is one of our favorites because it has a foosball table, an air hockey table, and a pool table. My friend and I laugh about how the foosball game went as we leave to meet our other friends for dinner at LDC.

7:30 Dinner with friends goes by quickly.

Carls tend to set their coats down on the backs of whichever chair they choose, get food from the stations, and return for conversation and laughter. After a busy winter day, these warm meals are the best.

7:45 Back to homework!

My friends from dinner often have other commitments after dinnertime; usually a project that needs to be done in a certain building, a group assignment, or a student org meeting. A couple friends and I walk to the Goodhue dorm to do more homework in the lounge.

8:40 I actually have ultimate practice in a few minutes.

Reveals exterior of Carleton's rec center.
Carleton’s Rec Center provides students a range of exercise opportunities, from our 200m indoor track to our bouldering cave.

Thankfully, Goodhue is really close to the Rec Center, where my team, the Karls, practices. I say goodbye to my friends, run up a few floors to my Goodhue double, and change for ultimate.

11:00 My 2-hour ultimate practice at the rec just ended.

I feel super grateful to have gotten homework done for the day; because I only have one class tomorrow, I didn’t have a ton to do. Exercising with teammates on the Karls at night is such a lovely way to end the day.

11:20 Time to relax.

Having gotten ready for bed, I check my schedule for tomorrow, talk with a friend who also lives in Goodhue, and return to my room. I’m usually asleep around midnight, which provides plenty of time for me to get rest before my Admissions work study tomorrow at 10:00. I had a busy day that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Joey balances his work for the American Studies major with his interests in Educational Studiesclub soccerultimate frisbee, and club cross-country skiing at Carleton. He learned to juggle while growing up in Papillion, Nebraska, and has taught Carleton and middle school students how to juggle through his involvement with the Carleton Juggling F.I.S.H. and a CCCE/TORCH after-school program that teaches juggling and magic at the Northfield Middle School. When not writing satire for the Carleton Salt or dancing with the social dance club, you’ll find Joey playing foosball in Sayles, burrowing into the Libe, or watching Avatar: the Last Airbender in a dorm lounge. Meet the other bloggers!