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3rd Myers: A Social Floor

Stella reflects on her experience living on 3rd Myers, one of two "first year floors" on campus.

Stella reflects on her experience living on 3rd Myers, one of two "first year floors" on campus.

As I arrived to campus on the first day of New Student Week, I was most looking forward to seeing the space which I would call home for the next 9 months. As I walked up the Myers Hall stairs, I passed the mirrors that would soon be the photo setting for friends and iconic moments. I didn’t know it then, but I would treasure those halls and the memories I made in them for years to come.

myers room
Infamous Myers mirror for pictures.

My Room

3rd Myers is a floor of doubles, two people to each room. The freshman roommate pairing process is extensive and successful; the residential life questionnaire asks about living styles but also wants to connect students from different backgrounds and interests. The rooms are spacious and offer plenty of creative possibilities for decor, which is fun for a first year. I tried my best to make my room into a home, so I became comfortable in the space very quickly.

myers room
How I decided to decorate my room freshman year.

My Floor

Part of what makes a freshman floor the interesting experience that it is is that all of us are heading into college for the first time with no idea what we’re doing. We’re bound to bond over the experience. Carleton’s RA (Residential Assistant) program aids in providing students with the guidance and mentorship of an upperclassman. With two RAs on 3rd Myers (shoutout Carlos and Rylyn), I always had someone to turn to if I was encountering an issue or if I just needed some advice. Their Sunday night study breaks and adorable door decor made my experience even more special, so I appreciate the floor culture that they built.

sleeping myers
Instead of doing their homework, the boys decided to sleep on the floor. Productive, I know.

My Friends

3rd Myers gave me an amazing experience for my first year of college. Honestly, it gave me my best friends. I learned that the best memories can be made not by an extravagantly planned event but instead by a tame night in the floor lounge. Living next to your besties gives you the opportunity to just walk down the hall and waste time when you are supposed to be studying, or eat meals together and talk about your day. My 3rd Myers friends > anything.

bell friends
Me and my girlies that I met on 3rd Myers.

I wouldn’t change my freshman living experience for anything, and I continue to cherish the relationships I built during that time. I highly recommend the first year living experience to any incoming freshman; however, I also recognize the advantages to all-class living and that form of mentorship. Really, you can’t go wrong!

Stella (she/her) is a rising Junior from Minneapolis, MN. She is a Political Science major with minors in SpanishNeuroscience, and Public Policy. Stella is a member of our varsity volleyball team and can explain at length how being an athlete is just one part of her identity at Carleton, not all of it. Around campus, you can find Stella having fun with her coworkers in Admissions, hammocking in the Arb (when it’s not cold), or hanging around in Sayles. She loves to explore the town of Northfield, and tries to find new places to visit as often as possible – especially for some good eats. Meet the other bloggers!