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10th Week Diary

Sherry documents her 10th Week in the form of diary entries.

Sherry documents her 10th Week in the form of diary entries.

As you might expect, Week 10 is a pretty stressful time of the term. Therefore, I decided to keep a diary this week, recording some of the things I got up to each day, from the mundane to the interesting.


It’s officially Week 10. I got up at 7:45 am, left my dorm at 8:05 am, and finished breakfast at 8:20 am. That’s the most precise and functional schedule I’ve devised after experimenting with it for the entire term.

The first class was Statistics. We wrapped up the last bit of content and reviewed for the final exam, which is coming up this Wednesday. I also had the last lecture for the psychology class. When the professor announced “Congratulations! You’re finally done with the intro to psychology winter term 2022!”, I felt as if the ten weeks had flown by too fast.

At noon, I had lunch at LDC. I tried toasting one type of bagel for the first time. It looked plain, but I was amazed when I took my first bite. I was surprised that after living here for two terms, I could still constantly discover new things at school. That bagel literally made my day.

I took a nap after my French class. Then I visited the office of my professor from my A&I seminar in the fall term. We chatted for an hour, and it felt like reconnecting with an old friend. Those conversations always make me pleased and satisfied.

When I just didn’t want to study anymore, I started searching for food recommendations in Boston for my upcoming trip in the spring break. Looking at the delicious food pictures, I told myself once more: “Only one week left. You’re almost there.”

Bagels at lunch


As usual, I don’t have class today. So I woke up late. After a relaxing breakfast, I came back to my dorm and did some revision for the French final exam. Since it covers all things we learned during the term, I had to start early.

After that, I went to LDC for lunch with friends. I had another huge bagel, but the blueberry flavor bagel was not as good as the original. Waffle fries were good today, though the second time I went to the counter, the ketchup was used up. I enjoyed lunch anyways. I chatted about some random topics with friends and enjoyed their company.

The weather is getting much better these days. The sun was out, and the temperature was approaching 40F/5°C. My friend and I reached an agreement that students should take advantage of the weather instead of studying inside the room today. Having no place to go, we finally decided to go on a short trip to Goodhue Hall. Though the intention of the trip was to pick up her computer and notebook, we were delighted by the sun and warmth.

However, the one lesson I learned today was never to jump to conclusions. Late in the afternoon, the sky got dark, and it started to snow again. So I decided to go back to my dorm early in case the weather got too cold at night. A friend from Minnesota once cautioned me never to be fooled by the weather. There’s usually one more snow in April!

I didn’t do much work in the evening. It’s always hard for me to stay focused the day before the exam. I skimmed through my notes for Statistics and practiced my French presentation again. Hope everything goes well tomorrow.


The weather got cold again today with a temperature below 15F/-10°C, but even the freezing air failed to wake me up in the morning. Fortunately, the final exam for Statistics wasn’t too hard. I finished it early and took a nap before the next Psychology class.

In the last psychology class, instead of listing the topics and summarizing the contents we’ve learned, the professor asked us to come up with an elevator pitch for students with no prior knowledge of psychology. I will definitely miss all the interesting activities we’ve had in the class.

Today was the last day for presenting creative projects in my French class. After I finished my long presentation, my friend said “good job” to me, which brightened up my day. The professor brought some treats from Cake Walk to us. We will have our final exam on Friday.

The last lecture of the term.
Citron ou chocolat (lemon or chocolate)?


Today is my birthday, but I’m going to reschedule it because I have two final exams coming tomorrow…

No way! I’m the type of person who prioritizes birthdays, festivals, and any important celebrations over anything, because they mean so much to me.

I woke up receiving many birthday messages from friends. In the morning, I received an email notification from the post office, and it was a birthday gift shipped by one of my best friends. In the afternoon, after we finished our meetings and group work, my friend and I walked to CakeWalk to get my birthday cake together. The chocolate cake was huge and tasted so good. As everyone, including myself, is busy with with work, we had a simple birthday party at a lounge in Cassat Hall. I am so grateful for my friends who are spared time in this hectic week preparing gifts and celebrating my birthday with me. I made many great memories today, and I’ll document them in more detail when I get time. But I have to do some more studying now—two difficult exams are coming tomorrow.



I’m finally done with my last psychology exam and my last French written exam! I can finally take a long nap without setting a 20-minutes timer as usual. Before I go to sleep, I also have to submit my last blog post for the winter term. I have truly enjoyed blogging this term, and I hope that you find at least some of it helpful to you. I’ll start writing again when the spring comes!

Sherry is a first-year student from Hangzhou, China, and holds a real passion for travel and food. She is thinking about majoring in Mathematics, but would also like to explore more in Economics, Computer Science, English, and French. Things she likes to do in her free time include hanging out with friends, taking photos, writing random stuff, and finding the funny in everyday life. She also got started with alpine skiing and is always ready for the trip to Welch Village every Friday! Meet the other bloggers!