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QuestBridge Student Quotes

Is Carleton the right place for you? We think so! But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our students had to say themselves…

Joyfully Ambitious

Like all Carleton students, our QuestBridge Scholars are united by a shared joy of learning. This spirit permeates our classrooms, sports fields, theater stages, and dorm lounges. A Carleton education is rigorous, but it isn’t cutthroat.

“I want to be in an academic environment where I am pushed to my limits. I also want to be with students that are motivated to learn and help motivate me to reach my full potential.” — Levi Atkinson, Albany, Ore.

“Despite this incredible environment I will never forget what the title QuestBridge Scholar means to me. It signifies my perseverance through impossible circumstances, my unrelenting drive to break the cycle of poverty that has enslaved my family for generations, my holy curiosity for the unknown, my lifelong pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, and of course my dream of one day being in a position to create positive change in the world.” — Daniel Tamez, Duson, La.

“From discussing the complications of choice in Global Pursuit of Happiness, to learning Python in Computer Security, the intellectual collective I discovered during my visit was unique and outstanding. Although I aim to pursue a career in biomedical engineering, I know that I want a broad liberal arts education as an undergrad. From the stunning campus and amazing people to the exemplary academics, I know that Carleton is the perfect school for me.” — Makala Hieshima, Santa Barbara, Calif.

A Welcoming Community

Carleton attracts students from across the country and around the world. You’ll explore and share your own culture, and learn from others. Our calendar is full of activities, through clubs, programs, and events sponsored by the Office of Intercultural and International Life, the Gender and Sexuality Center, the Chaplain’s Office, TRIO/Student Support Services, and more.

“The atmosphere at Carleton sounds like an enriching environment where I will have fun with dynamic people while learning. I love the idea of silent dances at the library, studying abroad no matter what my major, an atmosphere that smells like cereal, and being around people who are genuinely curious.” — Reina Desrouleaux, Silver Spring, Md.

“All my life, I’ve always felt kind of out of place because of my financial background. After applying for the QuestBridge National Scholars Match and then attending Carleton and remaining active in our chapter, I finally feel that I fit in with a group of people who have faced some of the same challenges that I have and it’s a truly wonderful feeling.” — Shelby Jones, La Vergne, Tenn.

“I appreciate how Carleton tries its best to form a diverse class. I want to be at an institution where I can meet and build relationships with people who come from different backgrounds than myself, but share similar goals for the future. I believe that the best way to approach a problem in life is to approach it with many perspectives, and that is what Carleton has.” — Levi Atkinson, Albany, Ore.

Nationally-Ranked Professors

Nearly every time U.S. News has ranked the quality of faculty teaching, Carleton’s professors have been at the top of the list.

I am so thankful to have such a supportive and understanding community of students, faculty, and staff and to be a part of such a meaningful organization as QuestBridge.” — Shelby Jones, La Vergne, Tenn.

“I’m attracted to the commitment placed on cultivating relationships between faculty and students through small class sizes and interaction beyond the classroom setting. This lends itself to professors that genuinely care about the success of their students.” — Elaine Tian, Seattle, Wash.

“I am eager to go to a college where the professors are accessible, inspiring, and passionate about teaching undergraduates.” — Daniel Gold, Millburn, N.J.

Generous Financial Aid

We are committed to meeting 100% of your family’s demonstrated need for all four years. For most QuestBridge Scholars, the bulk of the aid award comes from a Carleton grant, which is our need-based scholarship. You’ll also find most Carleton students working on a job on campus. More than half of Carleton’s students are on need-based financial aid. And almost all our activities and events are free to attend and take part in.

“By having one of the greatest financial aid programs, as well as a very diverse community, Carleton assures me that the integrity of my hopes and dreams of going to a college without financial worries will be held, and that I will be accepted by the intellectuals around me.” — Walter Paul, Omaha, Neb.

“The variety of the challenges experienced in my work-study job in PEPS helps with broadening out a resume. Working here demonstrates skill in customer interaction and service just as much as technical expertise, all while providing valuable experience with working in teams and operating as a professional.” — Jordan Sybesma, Bloomington, Minn.

A Prime Location

We might say it with a chuckle, but it’s no joke: we’re right in the middle of everywhere, conveniently located between the two coasts! Our 1000-acre campus in Northfield, MN offers the best of both worlds. Northfield’s a quiet, safe community with coffee shops to hang out in, forests to explore, and shooting stars to admire… but don’t mistake our rural town for being remote! We’re only 45 minutes from the Twin Cities. We bet you’ll take at least a few classes that get you up into Minneapolis or St. Paul.

Never been to campus? See if you qualify for a travel subsidy to come see this place for yourself.

“The campus feels like home, with trails to run on, an environmental conscience, and a fun-loving atmosphere. Besides, what’s not to love about a place where the staplers have names? Truthfully, Carleton was in my second tier of choices when I visited Minnesota… until I set foot on campus. Then WHAM! Like walloping a non-Newtonian fluid, my selection solidified. The school has been my #1 pick ever since, and it is the yardstick against which all others are compared.” — Carrie Johnson, Knightstown, Ind.

“[During my visit] I met some of the most supportive, educated and overall nicest people I ever had in my life. I never imagined there was a college where virtually everyone is supportive and understanding of each other… because college is not just about an education, what happens outside of the classroom is just as important as what happens inside. From my experience visiting, I know for a fact that Carleton will provide me with the personal character growth and education unlike any other college I know of.” — Sharaka Berry, Chicago

A Lifetime of Success

Your four years at Carleton will prepare you for a lifetime of personal and professional success. Of course, you’ll have an academic major. But take a look at our Pathways resources. You’ll see our Carleton education is a launch pad for a lifetime of growth and success that will extend well beyond your major. And Carleton boasts some of the strongest stats for life after graduation. Why? We’re committed to an education with both depth and breadth across many fields.

“It intrigued me that many science PhDs were Carls, and I’d love to have the opportunity to take advantage of the science equipment and professional support. But even as I strongly consider a science career, I don’t want to be defined by it or have my education defined by it too. In Carleton, I find a community that encourages stepping out of myself, and not just in terms of being more academically and mentally broad. I want to be a part of the endless possibilities the community has to offer and figure out a way to better myself alongside others at Carleton’s inventive pace.” — Gaston Lopez, Waldorf, Md.

“While I owe my current success and individual growth to many things, what truly ignited the spark inside me was the QuestBridge program and through them have been able to chase my dream of a higher education. The rest, I suppose you can say, is history. I have grown and matured in ways I never dreamed possible, and I owe it all to QuestBridge for setting me on that path.” — Daniel Tamez, Duson, La.

“At this point in my life, I want to pursue a career in architecture. Although Carleton does not offer a formal architecture program, I would have the opportunity to build a solid foundation in the arts by pursuing either a Visual Arts or Art History major. I would then progress to receive a graduate’s degree and focus specifically on architecture, given that is what I am called to pursue. At Carleton I would have the resources available and teachers that are passionate about teaching.” — Levi Atkinson, Albany, Ore.