The Division of Communications, in consultation with Information Technology Services and the office of Accessibility Resources, is responsible for ensuring Carleton’s digital tools and websites broadly follow WCAG 2.2 (Level AA) accessibility standards. We expect individual offices and departments to be responsible for the accessibility of content they publish to the web. To that end, we encourage and offer tools for those who contribute to Carleton’s websites to learn and follow web content accessibility best practices.

To support these efforts, we:

  • Provide site visitors with a way to let us know if they have difficulty accessing something on our website.
  • Provide web accessibility training to primary site maintainers.
  • Give site editors access to tools that help identify accessibility issues, so they can fix them and, ultimately, avoid them.
  • Incorporate accessibility review into the web development quality assurance (QA) process.
  • List accessibility compliance (based on current standards at the time) as a requirement when evaluating 3rd party products that will be used in conjunction with Carleton’s website.
  • Plan for periodic self-audits.