Caption your videos!

All videos on Carleton websites must include captions.

It is the responsibility — both ethically and financially — of the office or department responsible for the production of the video to provide captions, whether those be done manually via Imagen or Amara for free, or a paid service such as Rev (the college’s preferred caption provider).

Roughly 85 percent of internet users watch videos with the sound off, making captions a necessity for viewers to enjoy your content. No matter where your video is shared (social media, department web page, email, etc.) it should contain captions so that individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, or for those whom English is not their first language, can access your content.

Additionally, captions are a legal requirement. Not captioning videos could potentially create a lawsuit for the college; all colleges and universities are expected to comply with ADA regulations unless they can prove undue hardship. For more information on ADA compliance and legal requirements, contact Carleton’s Office of Accessibility Resources.

Captioning videos also increases your viewership as it allows people to watch on their mobile devices, in public, or when their device is muted. It also increases watch time, which is a factor in many platforms’ algorithms and may help boost your content and expand the reach of your video.