The Office of Accessibility Resources at Carleton College offers a variety of optional programs for current students with disabilities.

The First Year Transition Program 

  • Open to, and encouraged, for all first-year students with disabilities
  • Provides a social connection a resource to ease the transition to campus life

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In the First Year Transition program, first-year students are paired with a Disability Peer Leader before arriving on campus. During fall term, students meet weekly with their mentor to get support in a variety of areas, such as navigating campus life, making social connections, and the overall transition to life at Carleton. 

This program is open to all first-year students and participation is voluntary. Students can indicate interest when registering for accommodations with Disability Services. 

Carleton Academic Peer Support (CAPS)

  • Open to current students with and without disabilities
  • Designed for students who have experienced difficulties with organization, time-management, planning and prioritizing, task initiation, and assignment completion

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The CAPS program is designed for students that have had challenges in a variety of areas, including assignment completion, time management, organization, and study skills. It is not content-specific tutoring, rather a way to provide resources, support, and accountability through 1:1 meetings with a peer support.

The term begins with a thorough review of course syllabi and expectations. In most cases, students meet with their CAPS provider two times per week for one hour sessions. For additional accountability, we may gather updates from instructors regarding attendance, assignment completion, and grades with student permission.