In collaboration with Off-Campus Studies (OCS), the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) encourages and supports students with disabilities as they explore opportunities to study off campus, domestically and internationally. We do this by communicating with program coordinators about a student’s approved accommodations, with the goal of carrying over the approved accommodations as effectively as possible. Depending on the program location, the degree of access and availability of resources can vary significantly. It is important to contact early on in your planning process to learn more about a program and its requirements to ensure that there is sufficient time to get accommodations in place.

Your accommodations do not automatically transfer to your OCS program. To enact accommodations abroad, see information below about how to request your approved accommodations for both Carleton and non-Carleton programs.

Carleton and Carleton Global Engagement Programs

In line with the OCS guidelines, filling out the Health Questionnaire on the OCS Student Portal alerts OCS staff to needed accommodations. An OCS adviser will follow up to discuss arrangements appropriate for the program site. Note that accommodations do not automatically transfer to an OCS program. They must be requested (enacted) by the student on the Health Questionnaire.

For students studying on a Carleton or Carleton Global Engagement program, the easiest way for OAR to officially notify the program faculty is by submitting your Trimester Renewal request in Accommodate. Once processed, the instructor will be notified of your approved accommodations via email.

Non-Carleton Programs

The process of requesting and enacting accommodations for a non-Carleton program may vary. It is important to inquire about a program’s accommodation process and availability of resources early in your planning process.

In many cases, a non-Carleton program will require a verification letter detailing your approved accommodations. To request a letter, please email Sam Thayer (Director), at least 10 days prior to any program deadlines.