Why is documentation required in the Accommodation process?

The Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) staff uses documentation to better understand a student’s experience of their condition, identify impacts in an academic and/or residential setting, and make informed decisions to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

How can I get documentation?

OAR staff may be able to guide students in obtaining necessary documentation information from a student’s current or past providers. This may require the student to sign a release of information (ROI) allowing providers to exchange relevant information with OAR staff. If the student is not working with a provider already, OAR staff can provide referral information to the student upon request.

What is Accommodate?

Accommodate is OAR’s database system where students, faculty, and OAR staff have specific places to find their relevant accommodation information. Students and faculty can log into their Accommodate account using their Carleton login information. Accommodate is where a student can find their accommodation letter, as well as where exam booking (if applicable), trimester renewal, and supplemental accommodation request forms are located.

Why do I need to renew accommodations each term?

Accommodations do not automatically transfer to new courses each term (as a confidentiality and system feature). To renew accommodations, students must go into their Accommodate account, select the next term’s courses (once registered), select the accommodations they would like to renew and submit.

How do I approach my faculty about accommodations?

OAR staff encourage students with accommodations to develop a self-advocacy plan. This can be done individually, or with help from a peer or OAR staff member if desired. This advocacy plan could include:

  • Writing a script (or at least bullet points) that indicates: 
    • How much information you want to share about your disability with other students, instructors, staff, etc.
    • What learning strategies you already use to study and learn class content
    • What academic adjustments and accommodations you need to learn the content  AND improve your ability to learn and do well on class assignments and tests (can reference your Accommodation letter located in your Accommodate profile as a starting point)

After creating a Self-Advocacy Plan:

  • Practice talking through the Plan yourself, and try it with others (family, friends, OAR staff member)
  • Make an appointment (via email or whatever platform they’ve listed on their syllabi) with your instructor during their listed office hours
  • In the appointment, introduce yourself and share a few pieces of information about your background, major (or any interest areas), and/or career goals
  • Review the information you prepared in your Advocacy Plan script
  • Practice communicating your plan with confidence