Scheduling an Exam with OAR

  1. Make sure that you have renewed your accommodations for the term by submitting a Trimester Request and that your faculty have been notified. If your schedule changed from the time that you submitted your Trimester Request, please contact OAR for an updated Accommodation Letter.
  2. Discuss your accommodations with faculty to see how they would like to implement them in their course. The instructor may prefer to make arrangements for you to take your exam with them, or they may have you take the exam in the Office of Accessibility Resources.
  3. To book an exam with accommodations, log in to the Accommodate System and click on Test Room Booking, which is in the menu on the left side of the page. Exams must be booked 72 hours in advance!!
  4. Select the course section with the day of the week that you will be taking the exam. For classes that start at different times on different days of the week, you will see multiple course sections to select from. For example, a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class will show up as “Class Name (MW)” and “Class Name (F)”.
  5. Fill out the request form. The system will default to having you take the exam at the time that your class is scheduled. If you need an alternate start time due to scheduling conflicts (such as back to back classes, a work shift, etc.), you will be able to request this in the form.
  6. Faculty and OAR staff will be notified of your booking request and will work together to ensure that your exam is ready to be administered at the correct time.
  7. Arrive at Henry House (107 Union Street) at the time your exam is scheduled and check in at the reception desk.
  8. Your exam will be delivered to the faculty upon completion.
  • Day of Exam : Deadline to book (day of the week at the exact time your class is scheduled)
  • Monday: the FRIDAY before your exam
  • Tuesday: the SATURDAY before your exam
  • Wednesday: the SUNDAY before your exam
  • Thursday: the MONDAY before your exam
  • Friday: the TUESDAY before your exam

If you contact OAR staff about an exam request less than 72 hours before the exam, the request will be considered late and will have to be approved by the testing staff. Some late requests may not be approved. Students are encouraged to work closely with OAR staff early in the term if assistance is needed in scheduling exams.

Students are expected to test at a time that overlaps with a time when the class is taking the exam. In nearly all cases, a student with extended time testing will begin at the same time as the class start time and extend time beyond the usual class end time or the exam start time may begin before the class start time and overlap with the class time. There may be some exceptions where a student must arrange a test time that does not overlap with the class time. In rare cases, there may be a request to test on a different date than the rest of the class. Changing the date of the exam must be discussed by the student with the instructor and verified by the instructor with OAR staff. OAR encourages students to book all exams for the term at the beginning of the term whenever possible to avoid late scheduling requests.

Final Exams

The deadline to book final exams with OAR is 12 PM on the last day of classes!

Final exams are offered on the same days as the general final exam schedule with adjusted start times to accommodate students with extended time:

  • Day 1: 8 AM*, 12 PM*, 4 PM start times
  • Day 2: 8 AM*, 12 PM*, 4 PM start times
  • Day 3: 8 AM*, 12 PM start times
  • *students with double time (2x extended time) must book at these times.

If your final exam is self-scheduled, you can select any of the offered days/start times but you must book this in advance so we can ensure that we have a space for you. If your exam is being offered at a specific time, select the day/time that most closely aligns with the time that other students in your class will be taking the exam.

Final Exam Booking Instructions

  1. Select the Testing Room tab, followed by the course you are booking for.
  2. Narrow results by changing the date range to include your preferred date
  3. Select “yes” under Final Exam, and then “Check Availability” at the bottom of the page. 
screen shot of how to book final exams with accommodations


  1. Respond to the email generated when a student requests an exam with accommodations by approving the test booking request in Accommodate.
  2. Please make sure that the student’s name is on the exam or quiz, and that it is delivered to the Office of Accessibility Resources before the test date. The exam may also be uploaded into the Accommodate system during the approval process or at any time prior to the exam.