Deborah Appleman • Educational Studies

25 February 2022

Deborah Appleman, Hollis L. Caswell Professor of Educational Studies

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During a 2007 sabbatical, Education Studies professor Deborah Appleman first volunteered teaching literature and writing classes at a Minnesota prison. She’s been doing it ever since, and has written a book about the experience.

“I want my Carleton students to realize what a privileged space they’re occupying. Even though it’s hard, going to a highly ranked liberal arts college with high expectations is really a privilege and a privilege of freedom. Many of the Carleton students I’m working with have every possibility available to them — nothing has been taken off the table, whereas when I’m working with incarcerated people — everything has been taken off the table. That makes me think about the future of Carleton students in a slightly different way.”

Professor Deborah Appleman on her new book, “Words No Bars Can Hold”

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